Happy Friday!!

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This weekend is going to be full of Christmas shoppers!! Including me.. I was so excited to just get these presents wrapped underneath the tree.. little did I know, I have a lot more to go! I am sure as everyone else does.

I will be posting a quick gift guide soon of those who are having trouble of what to buy for someone! I have this problem a lot… I overthink buying gifts because I am one of those people where I want the person to LOVE what they get! So, I love to shop around to try to find the perfect gift which can sometimes take a longgg time! (Haha, but its worth it so I better get busy this weekend!). I always try to remind myself that it is the THOUGHT that counts! 🙂 I love giving to others! What is your favorite thing to give? Rather it be to a family in need, to an angel on the angel trees, or to your family and friends?

Think of this holiday season of giving! When I was younger, my mom would always take my sister and I to feed the homeless during the holiday’s at homeless shelters. It really opened up my heart and reminded me of how blessed we are! If you have any ways of giving back during the holiday season, I would love to hear them! 🙂

For now, I wanted to share this ADORABLE Elf Tree Skirt! It is so cute and perfect for a red and green themed tree! It was only $28! Unfortunately, it has now sold out. But I added other adorable tree skirts to my  All the Christmas Things!

I also have Christmas pillows, plates, dinner sets, wrapping paper, Santa Cookie plates, etc. for all your Christmas things! See a preview below of some of the things I have on my Amazon page!🎄❤️

Santa Cookie Plates and Christmas Plates: 




For Gifting: 

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Hoping everyone has a great weekend!! P.s. See the cutest picture of my girl Lola at the top of this page! She loves to pose for the camera.. sometimes. Haha!

Xo- Raka’