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Announcing my Amazon Influencer Page

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I know it has been awhile, but I am SO excited to start jumping right back into one of my passions… blogging! I will do a “life update” post soon, but for now I have something very exciting to share with you all!

I can now share all of my Favorite Finds with you all that I purchase or use through my Amazon Influencer page. So, if you need a quick gift idea for the holiday’s, birthdays, or you see products/clothes that I have that you may want, you can go straight to my Amazon Influencer Page and purchase it! If you struggle with gifts for people or you are wanting to try some products I use or like some of the clothes I get from Amazon, you can now get it within about 2 days (with Amazon prime)!!

So… you are probably wondering. What is an Amazon Influencer and why shop from the link you provide?

Well.. the Amazon Influencer program is something that I got invited to. It is for individuals that Amazon consider to be somewhat influential, or maybe just social media influencers that qualify through Instagram or other social media platforms.

The program allows you to create your own “shop page” where you can curate products that you love and would recommend to your friends, followers, readers or subscribers. It allows me to have my very own page and URL on Amazon’s site where others can visit my page and purchase products that I recommend. That way, I can share my URL for others to look at things that I recommend, get quick gifts or gift ideas, and see things that I may be purchasing or talking about on my social media platforms.

My page is

Shop My Favorite “Idea Lists” of products on my Amazon Influencer Page!

You can find this outfit Here underneath “Fashion”. 

I am really excited to try this out and to have an easy way for you all to purchase things that you see me using, wearing, recommending or gifts for any type of holiday!

What will be on my Amazon Influencer Page? 

I am starting to handpick products that I love, use, or recommend to others for daily life use, gift ideas, household items, decor, or to wear! My “Idea Lists” of recommendations will grow over time as I purchase products myself. If I enjoy them, I will add them to my shop page. So, there may not be a lot right now but they will grow! I will also be posting idea suggestions of products when Amazon is having sales (so that you all can get the best deals, because who doesn’t like to save money!?). I will also post stories about sales on products that are on my Amazon Influencer page so that if you have been waiting to purchase, you can during that sale time through my page!

Why do I have an Amazon Influencer Page?

I have spent a long time creating my shop page because I want it to be a real useful list of items that you can save time and money for shopping for gifts, fashionable items, household items, decor or my recommendations! So please know that all products I put on my page are things that I legitimately recommend. If you know me, you know that I research products A LOT before purchasing (especially if it is a big purchase), so I am hoping this will be beneficial for my friends and followers!

Have suggestions? Please tell me! I want to make my Amazon Page the best for you all! 

I did my best to make my “Idea Lists” on my Amazon Influencer Page the most beneficial for you all for essential items, or just items that I recommend for yourself or as gifts! I know that there may be other items that you LOVE, so if you are shopping on my page and notice that, please reach out! I would love to chat and add something that you may think would be a great addition! I plan to keep my page fresh and up to date! I also plan to post Instagram stories of sales of products I have on my page, so to follow along go Here! I am always open to ideas and love to connect with others, so don’t be afraid to reach out.

I did a special “Idea List” for CYBER MONDAY! I have a few things added, but will be adding more later tonight and in the morning. I will post updates on my Instagram page as I go. I am a big “get it on sale girl” so hopefully you can check out these awesome deals! 🙂

Thanks for reading a new update from me!! As I say… if you think you may want it later, buy it! 🙂

Hoping everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Shopping!!

Xoxo- Raka’

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