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Atlantis, Bahamas!

I definitely lived out my childhood dream of going to Atlantis, Bahamas!! It was SO awesome. We were totally surprised that we were actually able to go to Atlantis! My mom, sister and I took a cruise to the Bahamas, but we didn’t realize that we could get an excursion that would take us to Atlantis when we ported in Nassau!

My amazing and adventurous Mama bought us the excursion to Atlantis for a day in the Royal Towers Waterpark (the one from my childhood dreams from the movies Mary Kate & Ashley) AND to swim with the dolphins!!! My sister has always wanted to swim with dolphins, I always wanted to go to the Royal Towers Waterpark and swim with dolphins again, and my mom loves Atlantis so it was a win, win!!

This post is mainly just a review and me journaling our day in Atlantis, Bahamas. I will do a full review on our cruise soon!

We ported in Nassau, Bahamas at 7AM. We met our travel guide at 8:30AM and walked into the Royal Towers Waterpark around 9:30AM. This waterpark was HUGE and sooo beautiful!! I think that it could take a full day to know your way around the waterpark so I highly suggest you looking at the waterpark map beforehand if you plan on going!

There was so much to do at the waterpark!! They had SO many waterslides, pools, a lazy river and access to their beach!! Their beach was beautiful. The water was a little rough, but it was fun for wave surfing (as my sister calls it haha)! One of the slides you went through a glass tube where there are sharks swimming (hard to explain but here is a picture below of us looking at the sharks and the tube was inside of that water… it was so cool!)

On our day in Atlantis we went to the waterpark (where there were SO many fun waterslides), experienced the lazy river, went to Atlantis beach, did some shopping in the Royal Towers, and SWAM WITH THE DOLPHINS!! This had to be the coolest. My mom did it with us too!! It was so much fun and so cool to interact with the dolphins. We swam with the dolphins in a man-made (kind of like a lagoon) beach and wore wet suits. It was by the Royal Towers. We got to pet the dolphins, swim with them in deep water, and watch all of their tricks! The picture below is a little blurry, but it was the best one we got so I had to share it!

Anyways, if you are thinking of going to Atlantis, do it! It is so pretty and there is so much to see! If you are booking a trip and have any further questions about my experience going to Atlantis, Bahamas please reach out! 🙂

I could only find a few things that I am wearing! The hats I linked similar ones because I actually bought mine in the Bahamas! The shoes and sunglasses are the exact ones that I am wearing! 💗

Xo- Raka’

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