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Doormats that will give a fun welcome to your guests!

Doormats that will give a fun welcome to your guests!
This is a brand ambassador post presented by Nickel Designs, but all opinions are my own. Posts like these make BrandedBlonde possible! 🙂

Do you ever see a doormat that sparks your personality!? 😉 I definitely did when I was taking a look at Nickel Designs hand-painted Doormats! They are SO fun and wonderfully made! They are heavy-duty and looked perfect when I received them in the mail! I am beyond excited to be a brand ambassador for Nickel Designs and to show you all how I decorate my fun door mats that welcome my guests! I love to give a warm welcoming feeling when I have family or friends over, so starting with your doormat is a great way to do so! 😊

Keep reading to get 10% off your new welcome doormat! 🙂

I am 100% a dog lover as I have a precious dog myself, so I had to show you all the “HOPE YOU LIKE DOGS” doormat! It is simple yet a warning to your guests that you do have a dog! 😉 Lola is harmless, but I thought it was cute and funny. 🙈

To get this doormat go to this link! Use my code “RAKA10” to get 10% off your new welcoming doormat! 😄

A thank you goes to the wonderful and sweet artist (Nicole) at Nickel Designs for this adorable doormat!

Happy Shopping!! Have a GREAT week!

Xo- Raka’

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