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Gift Guide For Her: Valentine’s Day


Below are the links to each product, why I like them and the price! 🙂

    1. Victoria Secret Pajamas– I am a lover for new pj’s!! Especially ones that are super soft and cozy! I absolutely love my pj’s from VS! I have a few pair from a few years ago and I STILL wear them!! Worth the price for pj’s, I promise! $49.50
    2. Blush Faux Leather Clutch– Every girl needs a go to clutch! This clutch is so cute and simple, but it will top your outfit off! I find that blush goes with a lot of things so it has became one of my favorite colors! Only $49!

      I have worn Lily and Laura bracelets for sooo long and I still wear them! Now I stack them or wear them with my watch! This stack is so cute and will go with a lot of things. They help dress things up a little bit! 🙂 $36 for a stack of 3!

    4. Chanel Perfume– I love getting new perfume!! This is my ALL time favorite perfume! I always wear it when I go out! The scent stays on you and people can always smell it! If you like a little sweet smell, but you still like a clean/fresh smell, this is perfect! $130 FOR the gift set!!
    5. Too Faced Melted Matte– This liquified long wear lipstick is ahhh-mazing!! It stays on even when I eat! It also doesn’t get clumpy or dry like some long wear lipsticks do! This color is called 1998 and it is $21!
    6. Kiehl’s Whipped Body Butter– If you have read my beauty posts or my gift guide for him, you know by now that I am a huge fan of Kiehl’s skin care! I actually got this whipped body butter for a friend, and I tried it when she opened it and I ended up LOVING it! It feels so smooth on your skin and it is the perfect moisturizer! I LOVE KIEHL’S SKINCARE! $38

      I have a pair of Diff Eyewear Sunglasses and I LOVE them!! If you are on a budget but still want an awesome pair of sunnies I would go with these! They are so cute! $85


      This MVMT Leo Rose Gold watch is sooo pretty! I put a mens MVMT watch in the gift guide for him too! These watches are very sleek! $150

    9. Swell Bottle– I love this water bottle! So cute to have with you just for everyday use! $35
    10. Workout Leggings– These leggings are ONLY $22 right now (not sure when the sale ends, but they have awesome sales all the time)!! Also, these are from Old Navy! I love ALL of Old Navy’s workout leggings! They are cute, comfortable, affordable, and they are great quality!
    11. Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment– This is my other favorite brand of lip stains! Even though I do have a few more, this is an awesome lip stain that will stay on ALL day long, and it doesn’t feel sticky by the end of the day! $26 (Color: Don’t Stop)
    12. Hello Love Hallmark card- The best way to make anyone smile! A written letter or note to them! I am a lover for hand written notes and I think they are the sweetest and mean so much especially with our generation being so hooked to technology! A note changes things up and could mean more than you know! Even if you just got them a card and a little something, I know that this would make their day! It would most definitely make mine! 🙂
    13. Coffee Mugs– These coffee mugs are so cute and fun! They are only $9.99!

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