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Ever think, “I wish I could do that.” Or, “I would love to do that and I want to so badly.” Or, “wow that would be a dream.” Or, “I don’t think I would be good at that and people probably wouldn’t like what I have to say any way.”

Trust me, I have been there a million times and sometimes I still catch myself saying that.

This post was meant for my “Monday Motivation” post that I am going to try to start doing consistently every Monday, but you know sometimes you have a lot going on and things get delayed a day! That is OKAY, because that is REAL LIFE and it is only Tuesday!

I have learned to just be brave and do it. Go after whatever has been on your mind and your heart. It never hurts to TRY and you never know where you could end up in the end! So many people see things on social media and are afraid of being judged or not liked… I’ve experienced where I used to be like “ehhhh, this is probably not the best post or caption”, but then I pause and think to myself, that this is my life and how things are right now and I just need to go for it!

Still till this day and even while typing this post that you are reading, I think “will anyone even care to read this or want to read this”? I have to pull myself out of that mindset sometimes and tell myself that it may matter to someone and for me to just post what is on my mind and heart and share it with others! It may help them! You NEVER know!

This can be the same with going for your dreams or going after something that you really want. No matter who or how many people tell you that it many not be a good idea, or maybe you should wait to try that, or maybe you aren’t right for that, GO FOR IT if you want it! Nothing will ever happen if you just contemplate about it all the time. (I should be talking to myself right now).

You have to chase your own dreams and you have to stay after them if you want them bad enough. Things don’t just happen automatically. It is always a work in progress to get wherever you want to be. YOU are the one that has to decide to put in the time, the effort and the work.

Here are a few of my favorite “Just Go For It” and Motivational quotes!

  1. If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes- then learn how to do it later. – Richard Branson
  2. Ask yourself if what your doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.
  3. YOUR ONLY LIMIT IS YOUR MIND!! – I LOVE this one!! Your mind controls so many of your thoughts and how far you can REALLY push yourself!! –With working out, pursuing dreams, working out, eating healthy, ANYTHING.
  4. Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.
  5. Nervous while going after your dream? Good. We don’t grow when we stay inside of our comfort zone.

Step outside of your box, get uncomfortable, shoot for the stars, and GO FOR THAT DREAM!


Have an awesome week!!
Xo- Raka’

Outfit linked below! Red cami is from E.Leigh’s Boutique, but similar one is linked along with my booties. You will want to sleep in this cardigan, it is so soft!!

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