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Laura Mercier Makeup: #FlawlessFusion Box Influenster

What is your go-to foundation!?! I have tried so many foundations and I have not found one that I absolutely love until this foundation so I had to share this with you all!

This Laura Mercier foundation goes on so smoothly and is LONG-WEAR! My major thing when it comes to foundation is that I like one that is full-coverage, but one that does not feel heavy or look like I have a ton of makeup on. This foundation fit all of my needs perfectly. This foundation spreads very easily and evenly without using a ton of it to get the look that you are wanting! It is also a foundation that you can build, so if you want more coverage that can happen easily. I apply this foundation with a round plush foundation brush or a beauty blender. Another thing that I liked about this foundation is that it did not sit in my fine lines or my smile wrinkles. It covered all of my face very evenly without feeling thick, oily, or like it sat in my wrinkles. I loved that part! It also lasts me ALL day long so I never really have to reapply my makeup! (Thank goodness for foundations like this one!)

This concealer is SO great too. I know I seem like I am bragging about all of these products, but all of these opinions are very honest and I have worn all of these products multiple times. The concealer does a great job of brightening my under eyes and does not sit in my fine wrinkles either! It doesn’t get gross by the end of the day either, it stays on so well. The setting powder is my favorite setting powder by far!! It is not shiny, nor is it a completely matte finish. It gives your makeup a great finish and helps the makeup stay on! LOVE all of these products.

I received all of these products complimentary to try through the Influenster Program. You can find more of my reviews/opinions on these products and other products HERE. I did this post with intentions to help others who are looking for a great foundation, because I truly believe that this foundation is awesome! I have tried MANY different brands of foundations in search of one that will not feel heavy, that will not cake on, will not sit in my wrinkles, that is full-coverage, and that is long-wear, and this foundation fits ALL of those needs that I was looking for!

I hope this post was helpful for girls looking for a new foundation! Please let me know if you have any questions about these products or anything else that I could help with! You can leave a comment below this post or e-mail me at!

These pictures do not have any filters on them and appear in person as the makeup looks like in these pictures!

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Xo- Raka’

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