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Night Out Jumpsuit

Ahh!!! (Thats how I feel right now that I finally get to share this exciting collection/shoot with you all!). I am so excited to start sharing these amazing looks from the Palm Springs Shoot with Shop Impressions! This shoot was a dream and SO much fun! I am in love with all of these looks and will be sharing more soon!! Especially this jumpsuit! I think it is perfect for summer nights, weddings, or date night!! It is so comfortable and cute at the SAME TIME! And have I mentioned… THAT VIEW! This was my first time to go to California and I love it now!! See more for details and pictures!

So this look was taken at a Windmill Farm in Palm Springs, California by the awesome Dale Benfield! I love Windmill Farms. I think they are so cool and it is so fascinating to me how they produce electricity!! Okay, anyways ya’ll probably don’t want to hear what I have to think about Windmill Farms (LOL), although they are so awesome. Here are the details of this Jumpsuit!! All of the heart eyes!! The Palm Springs Collection is now LIVE! So head to Shop Impressions and treat yourself to a new cute spring/summer wardrobe!! This whole look is from there! 🙂

Xoxo- Raka’


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