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Skin Care: Dry Skin

Skin Care: Dry Skin

Hi all skin care lovers! I am most definitely one of those and I love to take care of my skin! I have super dry skin and have tried many products to try to rehydrate my skin, but some just don’t work for me! So, this video is about the products that I have been using, the products that I researched for dry skin and that I am trying now! I will have an update video posted soon of how I liked/disliked the products, the pros/cons of the products and how they felt on my skin! Please let me know if you have any questions about these products, or any other skin care products! Please comment below this post if you use this, your thoughts, and if you go get them because of this video!
(This is not paid, nor is it an ad. This is just my honest opinion on products that I have used on my skin, products that I like and also, to try to help others with the same problems as me!)

Just click this link below to see my skin care video of the products I have been using, and the new products I am trying for my dry skin! I am new to videos and this was my first one that I did through Instagram and put them together, so it is a little jumpy but the next one will be better so bare with me! 🙂 I just wanted to put this one out there to those who gave me the great feedback and liked it! Thanks so much guys!
Skin Care Video 1- Dry Skin/New products



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