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Skin Care: NO more Dry Skin!

Skin Care: NO more Dry Skin!

Hi everyone!! I am SO excited about this post and this video because I am all about a great skin care routine that will make your face feel so good!! Hydration is key to being a preventive to aging! This video is my update from my last skin care video I did and the products I use at night now! If you have DRY SKIN this will be beneficial to you! The videos will tell you more about the new products I tried to resolve my dry skin issues. If you watched my first skin care video (just click on the link below to watch it) you know that I have had a hard time with having REALLY dry skin!

I have been calling my skin “winter skin” from this crazy Arkansas weather! So I decided to do some skin care videos to try to help others that may be suffering from dry skin and to tell you what has worked for me! If you try these products, please send me a message! Also, if you do end up trying them I hope you love them and they help you just as much as they have helped me! I did some research on Kiehl’s Skin Care (the skin care brand I switched too from Clinique), before I even tried the products to know more about the company, the ingredients, and how the products have helped others! I always have a reason to why I use certain brands! 🙂

I am just now posting this updated video from the new Kiehl’s products that I tried, because I wanted to give you all my honest opinion and reviews, so I gave it two weeks to see if the products have actually helped my dry skin! Click the link below to see the updated video! I LOVE these products and I hope you enjoy!

Skin Care Video 2: NO more Dry Skin!


Right now, on if you spend $65, you get to pick 4 FREE deluxe samples! I know $65 is a little expensive for skin care, but I promise it is SO worth it!! It is important to take care of your skin! The new products I tried from Kiehl’s should be about $65, but you may have to add a $7 Lip Balm in to get the 4 deluxe samples!  (This is not an ad, nor was I paid to do this. This is my honest opinion and reviews on these products I tried.)

I LOVE feedback! So please let me know if this has helped you or you try these products! 🙂 Happy New Year!

The NEW products I have been using that have cured my dry skin!
Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery
Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream


P.S. These videos are obviously taken on my selfie camera from my phone! (Haha)! That is just me doing videos whenever I have time! I am working on a better set up for you all where I don’t have to hold my phone to do the videos 🙂 Thank you for baring with me until I get that together to improve my videos! Xoxo!

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