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Statement Shoes

Ok, so I have always been the “LOOK AT THOSE SHOES” girl! 🙈 Hahaha. I am all for some statement shoes and I love shoes! …What girl doesn’t!? (As you can see my two last posts are very much so statement shoes). This post is part of a #partnership with E.Leigh’s Boutique. 

Tonight, I have been contemplating going out and finishing my Christmas shopping, but instead I have decided to try to relax and do some online shopping.  I am hopeful this will help me complete the rest of my shopping… or else I will have to be brave and go shopping in the crowds this weekend! 

How do you do your Christmas shopping? 

Do you have any New Year’s Eve plans? 

These glitter booties and velvet black dress would be a great and comfortable outfit for your New Year’s Eve event! 

Statement shoes can make any outfit pop! I love these GLITTER sock booties with this velvet belle sleeve dress as a New Year’s Eve look! You can even pair these booties with black leather leggings and a sweater for a more casual look. 

You can find this entire look by shopping E.Leigh’s Instagram page, or call the store to order at (479) 442-2266 for the Fayetteville, Arkansas store.

E.Leigh’s Boutique is located in Fayetteville, Conway and Little Rock, Arkansas, Southlake, Texas, Dallas, Texas, and Lexington, Kentucky! So even if you are not located near any of these locations, you can have items shipped to you! 🙂 

We are ALMOST to Friday!! Enjoy the rest of your week! 

Xo- Raka’ 

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