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Style Tips To Dress Things Up!

Before posting this, I even thought to myself on how many outfits I will think “how can I make this cuter”, or “how can I make this more dressy to wear to events/church, etc.”, or “I need to keep up with the latest fashion trends and be stylish”. As friends ask me for advice on this and have told me to write about it, I decided to do a post on it! If you are a girly girl and savvy like me you are always looking for ways to make your “cute clothes” be different or more dressy from what you normally wear. I struggle with this sometimes as being a college student and needing something new to wear to an event but don’t want to spend money on something new at the moment. So, I have learned to get real creative with my clothes that are in my closet! This post is just to try to give ideas and to try to help out girls like me or just women that want to save money and wear items that they already have in their closet in different ways for winter style! 🙂 I love to stay up to date to new trends and look presentable to things I go too so I am hoping this helps if you are looking for a few ideas to help dress things up from your closet in different ways!

Don’t ever be afraid to get creative with your clothing and create a new outfit from the clothes you already own! I have learned that it is not always necessary to go out and buy a new outfit every time I need to dress up! Don’t worry about what other people think, be you, be real, and express your style in your own ways!

Leather leggings: Sold out, similar ones HERE // Gianni Bini Heels: HERE // Fur Vest: Sold out, similar ones HERE or HERE // Bracelet: HERE // Sweater: Sold out, similar one HERE // Purse: Michael Kors


So leather leggings have definitely came back into style this winter season. Also, have I mentioned how comfortable they are!? I am obsessed with leather leggings and you can wear them with SO many different things. You can pair them with a causal sweater, a dressy sweater, a dressy blouse for events, a sweater with a fur vest like I have in these pictures, OR just a basic cute tee with a cardigan!

When leather leggings were coming back into style, at first I was like “what could I really wear those with and how many times would I actually wear them.” But now! I wear mine ALL THE TIME and they are my favorite go to pants that will dress things up for you! The question I ask myself now is, “where are my leather pants I need them!!” Haha. You can find some great leather leggings HERE.


Fur vests!! If you have a light cute sweater one, throw a fur vest with it and you will be looking extra stylish. Also, they help keep you warm! This fur vest is my favorite and unfortunately it is sold out from Dillard’s where I got it, but click HERE or HERE to get one that is very similar! Both UNDER $45 right now! 🙂

You can also dress outfits up with cute, soft cardigans! Who doesn’t love a warm and cozy cardigan anyways!? I have found myself wearing cardigans over almost everything this winter! You can put a cute top underneath it, or just do a basic tee/long sleeve with some leggings and stylish sneakers to have you ready for an errand running day! Some of my favorite cardigans that would go with a lot of things that are ALL under $50 right now: Blush CardiganGrey CardiganCream Cardigan. The long grey cardigan would be a great one to dress up! It could be paired with some leather leggings or nice jeans and heels with a cute under top, that would make you ready for a girls night out or a date night!


Sweaters!! This sweater in the picture is one of my favorites to wear out! It is simple, but adds an extra touch. Any sweater you can dress up or dress down! Pair it with leather leggings or a nice pair of jeans and heels for a dressy look, OR pair it with distressed ripped jeans or leggings for a casual look. This is why I love sweaters so much, especially soft ones! My favorite type of sweater this season is the Chenille fabric sweaters! Ugh, these sweaters are to die for!!! I just want to lay in my bed and watch a movie in my sweaters that are made out of this fabric. They are the SOFTEST sweaters and they are so warm! My sweater that I am wearing is sold out, but here are some others that I love that you could dress up or dress down! Chenille SweaterChocker Neck SweaterChocker Sweater (similar to mine in the pictures!) ALL under $45 right now!!


Shoes! Shoes! Shoes! Shoes are obviously one of my favorite things to add to an outfit, but they are also something that can make or break your outfit when it comes to a certain look you are going for! For this outfit I have on in the pictures, I went with the Jordie Heel from Gianni Bini! I AM OBSESSED WITH THESE HEELS. These heels don’t kill my feet and they are so stylish! The tie in the front makes it all. I love these heels to go with outfits like the one I have on, or a dress, or even nice jeans and a dressy sweater! Gianni Bini heels are the only heels that I have found that don’t kill my feet by the end of the night! They are worth every penny, I promise! Also they aren’t super expensive, they are $89.99! 

Another shoe to make an outfit more dressy is just a cute and simple bootie or knee-high boots from my Sweater Weather post below!

Here are some of my favorite booties: Jacend Zip Bootie (On sale right now $64.96)Taupe Bootie (Only $34.99)Tan Bootie (Only $34.99 right now!). I am the type to spend a little more on my shoes than I would on some clothing items, because with shoes I believe that you get what you paid for. Therefore, I am willing to pay more for shoes knowing that they will be more comfortable and they will last longer!


Accessories!! Ahh!! I am definitely a bracelet/watch girl so I love wearing them with my outfits!! Also a purse can add some style to your outfit! My purse in this picture is Michael Kors and is a great neutral for every season! You can find the bracelet I am wearing in these pictures HERE! It is also on sale for $13.93 right now! Also, lipstick always adds to your outfit! (I could not go without lipstick haha!)

Hope you all enjoyed this post! 🙂 Always feel free to e-mail me at! I’d love to get to know you! Also, if you are wanting to receive updates of all of my new posts just subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of this page!

Happy Thursday! Xoxo,

Photos taken by a local NWA Photographer: Tillman Photography

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