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Sweater Weather

This sweater is one of my favorite neutral sweaters. It goes with leather leggings to make it dressy, jeans for a more casual look, or you could put it with leggings! Also you could throw a scarf with it! It is Gianni Bini (great, long lasting quality) and it is under $60! This black knee-high boots have been my go too for a year and they have held up for that long!! Continue to read for outfit details, links to get my outfit, and more info! 🙂

Sweater: Gianni Bini: Dillard’s // Leggings: Sold out, similar ones Free People // Boots: ALDO // C.C. Beanie: Dillard’s // Bag: Sold out from ULTA, smaller bag Amazon

If you are in the south (specifically NWA), it is definitely sweater weather here. Along with your biggest coat, gloves, beanie, etc.! It has been so cold here so I wanted to share one of my favorite sweaters! I actually did this look along with a few others in 15 degree weather, crazy right!?! But I wanted to do it for you all! Being honest here, this is still a Starbucks holiday cup as you see (haha). They still haven’t restocked their original cups from the location by my house as they say. So silly me I said “this will work for now”, thinking it may or may not be acceptable, but since the holiday’s are just ending I thought it might be okay this time. This is my first fashion inspiration post and I am so excited about it because this is what I love the most! This outfit is SO comfy (surprisingly), and it can be worn to so many things. I paired this outfit with a red C.C. Beanie because I live in Arkansas, where you must wear some sort of red to the games and it is currently freezing in Arkansas, but basketball season is still going on! Get the beanie ON SALE for $10.80 here:C.C. Beanie. This outfit without a beanie would also make the perfect “date night” outfit, or girls dinner. 

Leather leggings have became a favorite item in my closet. You can dress them up like I have with this outfit, or you can dress them down with just a cute sweater with some stylish sneakers. On a side note, they are SO comfortable. I never thought they would be and when I saw them coming back into style, I would think to myself “What would you wear with those.” But now, all I can think is “what else can I put with my favorite pair of leather leggings!” Haha! Also, these leather leggings are HIGH WAISTED (my favorite)! They are sold out in the ones I am specifically wearing, but the Free People ones are on sale for only $46.80! Love Free People! Get them here: Free People.

This sweater is Gianni Bini! It is called the “GB Mock Neck Bell Sleeve Sweater.” One of my FAVORITE brands. When I buy GB, I know that it will hold up for a long time. I always love all of their stuff, and their shoes are the BEST. This is the brand that I always try to get my heels from because their heels never kill my feet like most heels do, and they last a long time! Anyways, I got this sweater from Dillard’s. It is $54! Its material is pretty thick so it makes it a warm and soft sweater! Get it here: Gianni Bini: Dillard’s

These over-the-knee boots have become a staple item in my closet for the fall/winter! You can never go wrong with pairing a sweater, a sweater dress, or a skirt with tights with over-the-knee boots! I LOVE these and wear them ALL the time! They are suede and look really nice. I got them from ALDO like a year ago and they are still holding up! I found them on their website for you all as well and they are $180. I promise you they are worth it! I love ALDO and their shoes always seem to last me a long time. Get them here: ALDO.

Sooo… the bag that I am holding is actually my make-up bag! Haha! I know some of you are probably thinking that is strange, but I just got it and thought it was too cute to not throw in a picture. Also, who doesn’t love leopard and getting new make-up bags!? I got this bag from ULTA, but it is no longer available there in this style. BUT, I was able to find it on Amazon for you all in a smaller size! You could also use this when you travel for shampoo, etc.! I love this girly print! Get it here: Amazon.

This is my first fashion inspiration post, but stay tuned for more! 🙂 I had my first blog shoot this last week so I am really excited to share more fashion inspo with you all! Below is a direct link to the photographer’s website who did my pictures for this shoot! Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter at the bottom of my page to receive all new posts in your inbox! Questions about hair, make-up or anything else with this post? Feel free to comment on this post or e-mail me at! 🙂

Have a great weekend!

Pictures taken by a local NWA photographer: Tillman Photography!

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