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Travel Outfit Ideas

So I was so excited to do this post, because LOOK AT THAT VIEW! All of the heart eyes! I got to go to California with Shop Impressions for their destination shoot for Spring/Summer!! I was so thankful to get to be a part of it and it was a memory I will never forget! I will do a post about that soon, but for now this post is about travel outfit ideas and my favorite spring/summer sunnies right now! This is for comfortable but cute outfits to wear while traveling! Its always good to be comfortable while traveling, so I thought I would throw out some ideas to you all! 🙂 Also, I am a huge fan of sunnies especially around summer, so I will tell you where I love to get my sunnies and some different options for them!

P.S. This was taken at like 7:30AM before heading to the airport to come home!

Outfit Details

Leggings: Old Navy // Shoes: Nike // Jean Jacket: Target (available on 2/4, I got my denim jacket forever ago, but this on is very similar!) // V-Neck Tee: Nordstrom // Sunnies: Diff Eyewear Jessie James Decker (Find link below in description)

To be honest, I am TERRIBLE at packing and I ALWAYS over pack… Like my suitcase weighed 45 pounds and I was only gone for 3 days. Haha! But girls normally have that problem right!? I have found better ways to pack and what is great to pack for certain locations that will help me next time. I will do a post about that soon for spring break, etc.! 🙂 But for now here are just some travel outfit ideas! I love to be comfortable while riding in the car/on the plane but also to be cute!


First I will start with my leggings! I am a HUGE fan of leggings like most girls are, especially while traveling! I have worn many different brands of leggings, but the ones that I have been hooked on lately are Old Navy!! They seem to hold up great, they have high waisted ones, and they are normally always under $20!! YES, under $20! So Old Navy has been my go to place lately for leggings. The leggings I have on in this picture are only $20 right now! I like the leggings that have some mesh in them, or are leather/cotton, or have the cut outs by the ankle! They seem to be more fashionable than plain black ones and I have found that it is easier to dress them up a little but still be comfortable! Don’t get me wrong, I love plain black leggings as well for more of just a lounge/errand running day! Shop them here: Old Navy

V-neck Tees!

These are my favorite because they are so versatile! You can wear them with leggings, jeans, shorts or joggers! They can dress your comfy outfit up a little bit! This v-neck is only $17 and you can find it HERE.

Denim Jackets!

Okay, so I will be honest here. I used to not really like denim jackets but now I am in love with them. They have definitely made their come back and I think they add so much to an outfit! I paired this one with these black leggings but you can pair them with black jean shorts, jeans, or white jeans! I even like throwing a light cardigan with outfits to dress them up a little bit! Also, bracelets are always a good thing to add to your outfit to dress them up!


Nothing is better than a cute, stylish, comfortable pair of sneakers! I am obsessed with these Nike Lifestyle shoes! I wear them ALL the time and they are sooo comfortable! I wasn’t able to find these exact pair, but they are the Air Force Ones with the knitted material! You can find a similar pair Here! These stylish tennis shoes can top off your outfit! I wear these with leggings, jeans, or shorts!


Who doesn’t love a cute and fun pair of sunnies!? Especially for spring and summer!! Spring break and the beach is calling my name! They are also important to protect your eyes from the sun! I get my sunnies from all over the place normally… T.J. Maxx, Old Navy, Dillard’s, etc.! BUT I have found that Diff Eye Wear is my new favorite brand! Yes, you pay a little more for your sunglasses but they are polarized which is important for blocking the sun’s glare and they have UV protection. After getting my first pair of polarized sunglasses this last year, (because I am a tight wad and I normally buy super cheap sunglasses), they have changed my perspective on spending more on sunnies and how clear they are when you wear them outside!! I definitely feel like my eyes are protected more with polarized lens. So to the point!! I ordered a bright blue pair of Diff Eye Wear sunnies! Yes, I was feeling brave and wanted a fun pair of sunnies!! When I got them in they were soooo blue. I was like “oh my goodness people are going to think I am crazy!” Lol! But I actually ended up loving them and got so many complements on them! Now, I see vibrant and fun colors of sunnies everywhere! They are a great pair for spring and summer! I would honestly suggest any pair of Diff Eye Wear sunglasses. Mine were only $85! They are light weight, they fit perfectly, they are comfortable and they are so cute! I was so nervous about ordering a pair of sunglasses without trying them on, but I went for it and I was so glad I did! They have a great return policy, so that if you don’t like the way they fit you can send them back and get another pair if it is within 14 days! They are currently sold out of the blue ones that I have on, but below is the link to the same style but in hot pink! They are Jessie James Decker line of sunglasses! I still love to get sunnies from T.J. Maxx, etc. because they have awesome deals and I love them! But, here are the ones from this post that have change my perspective of spending a little more for a great pair of sunnies! 🙂

I also love Diff Eyewear, because when you buy a pair they give a pair of glasses to ones that are in need! That is SO AWESOME to me!! I love them for that reason!!

Happy Tuesday!! If you have any questions feel free to comment, or e-mail me at! I’d love to get to know you! If you would like to receive my newsletter in your inbox subscribe at the bottom of this page! 🙂

Xo, Raka’

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