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Spring is near! Which means switching to a new wardrobe right!? Also… there is an exciting GIVEAWAY at the bottom of my page to enter! I like to think of it as that way… I always love spring fashion, the bright colors, dresses, rompers, fun sunglasses, etc.! I also love new accessories for spring, so I thought this would be the perfect time to show you all this gorgeous women’s watch from Jord Watches! I absolutely love the two tone colors this watch has and the big, round gold face. It makes it girly, fashionable, and the colors are perfect for the seasons coming up! Also, this watch is a wooden watch! Which is so cool! I had never seen a wooden watch before this one. I thought it would be kind of heavy wearing it, but it is not at all! It is light and so comfortable. I love it just as much as my other designer watches! This watch is very versatile and the perfect accessory! Everyone that has seen my watch has loved it! I wear this to work, or even out for dinner. I feel like it has a classy look to it with the gold round face so I can even wear it for a date night! I have always been a person that likes to wear cool watches/bracelets/etc., so it was exciting to get another watch that I love!

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Outfit Details:

Lace Kimono: Target// White v-neck: Target// Purse: Kate Spade// Earrings: Shop Impressions// Bracelet: Express// Shoes: Shop Impressions// Jeans: Sold out but Here are some others I like.

Jord Watch: Frankie Series- Zebrawood and Champagne

This unique watch is a Jord Watch (pronounced yoad)! The one that I am wearing in these pictures is called the Frankie series in Zebrawood and Champagne (loveee that name for this watch), you can find it HERE. Another watch that I love is the Cassia Series. It is very elegant! They have so many different styles that are so unique. They have both Men and Women watches! Most of their watches could be unisex, but I thought I would include a men’s watch that I like a lot as well! This watch is the Hyde Series! Watches are always a great gift to give! 

Speaking of giving, Jord is doing an awesome GIVEAWAY with me for you guys! One lucky person will win $100 off their first purchase! If you click on THIS link and fill out the simple form– literally all you have to do is put your name and e-mail, and your Instagram handle for an extra entry, you will be entered in the giveaway! Also, if you enter you will get an automatic 10% off your first purchase! 

Let me know if you have any questions! 


Luxury Wooden Watch

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